Olsenfilm is a small Norwegian company specializing in media transfer from old recording tapes (1/4" tape, cassettes), home motion films (8mm std, super8), video (VHS, Betamax, analog 8mm video, Hi-8, digi-8, mini-DV.) Some video recordings can be offered (DV, HDV). Audio work include noise reduction, level adjustments and CD- and DVD mastering which also are included in the video work where audio is present. BluRay can also be delivered. All home 8mm film movies are scanned in HD, however the DVD format is good enough for the images from home movies.

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The Price List prices in € show the available services in the Greek Island Kalymnos when that office is open.

My novels in Norwegian and English:

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Note; In Greece, in the Island Kalymnos just outside Kos,  we can offer some limited services when the office is open.
(See the price list). Please contact via mail only!

The FAARIKAAL forlag is a small publishing house, mainly for printed materials in Norwegian.

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